Server Stats

More zombies have been killed on this server than the entire population of Ohio, population 11,689,442.
That is almost more than the entire population of Illinois, population 12,741,080!

Server Summary
Total players:42,857
Total points:136,729,541
Infected Killed:11,796,508
Survivors Killed:180,289
Headshot Ratio:8.27 %
Points per Minute:330.94
Boomer Average:1.65
Hunter Average:15.18
Smoker Average:35.12
Spitter Average:118.43
Jockey Average:13.25
Charger Average:37.01
Tank Average:403.81
Infected Kills Summary
Infected TypeKills
Common Infected9,629,782
Infected Awards Summary
Survivors Incapacitated575,034
All Survivors Dead134,954
Scattering Ram112,240
Perfect Blindness46,679
Hunter Perfect Pounce33,309
Caused Ledge Grab13,704
Hunter Nice Pounce6,788
Survivor Awards Summary
Protected Friendlies1,113,978
Saved Friendlies from Chargers444,349
Revived Friendlies384,555
Saved Friendlies from Hunters163,953
Saved Friendlies from Smokers158,953
Saved Friendlies from Jockeys91,249
Ammo Upgrades Deployed51,996
Tanks Killed with No Deaths26,182
Safe Houses Reached with All Survivors15,882
Tanks Killed with Team15,442
Campaigns Completed8,012
Gas Canisters Poured5,967
Leveled Charges4,612
Pills Given4,226
Medkits Given3,729
Adrenalines Given2,403
Crowned Witches350
Rescued Friendlies0
Demerits Summary
Friendly Fire Incidents1,213,195
Friendlies Left For Dead711,624
Infected Let In Safe Room142,330
Incapacitated Friendlies51,159
Witches Disturbed10,453
Teammates Killed3,904
Gamemodes Summary
All10.25 months (413,154 min)
Versus10.25 months (413,106 min)
Realism4.00 minutes (4 min)
Survival44.00 minutes (44 min)